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Our clients come from the Travel, Legal, Finance,Retail, Ecommerce and Dating Industries and many others subject to review abuses.


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Rehabilitate and Protect yourself from becoming another statistic of an undeserved hate campaign or aggressive competitor.


Put the control back in your hands and level the playing field.


Protect your online reputation and monitor the information that over 80% of shoppers online see.


Our Service

Our clients have individual needs and due to our SEO and Social Media roots, we have an arsenal of proven skills and techniques to tailor a reactive or even a proactive strategy for each client.


Hotels are typically the worst hit with review abuse. Many review sites have been accused by the UK’s Competition & Marketing Authority of engineering low scores, only posting negative or positive reviews, or holding a company hostage for negotiation fees . This category also includes Car Rental Agencies, Travel Destinations and Bed & Breakfast establishments.

Finance / Investments

Our most difficult client because although most have good intentions, an investment can go south and many individuals take this personally. Many times these cases are referred to our legal team for professional advice as these can be very detrimental to a career or a firm.


Despite having the law in their favour, we have spoken to Attorneys and Legal Firms that have tied hands because they know the law, they just don’t know search engines, social media or internet law. Sometimes they just don’t want to waste the time, and that’s where we come in. We do not provide any legal services whatsoever, but we have a pool of Internet Law Attorneys at our disposal.


Second on the unfortunate list of top targets are retail and ecommerce websites. This sector has the highest rate of competitor mischief as it’s easier to manipulate multiple reviews on some sites. If someone decides to create a free blog or a page on a social media account it can easily be found in a search for your brand.


This client operates exclusively online and is completely at the mercy of the consumer and/or review website because they have no brick-and-mortar business creating revenue. These are also unique in that they are usually more savvy about IOT (the Internet Of Things) and require more knowledge of all online opportunities like PPC, SEO and Social Media manipulation.

Online Dating

Anytime a business relies solely on matters of the heart they are up against mother nature herself. All of these services need to make their money in one way or another. This is a bad combination in any reality and they are prone to be lashed out at the worst. In almost all cases negotiation, preventative strategies and ongoing monitoring handles 98% of these cases.

Medical / Healthcare

According to Forbes.com two major issues facing Doctors and Hospitals is that “Patients can’t judge the quality of medical advice.” and “Confidentiality obligations restrict doctors’ ability to respond”. This is very serious because of the nature of the published content usually involves high emotion and requires a light touch.

Consultants / Contractors

Established and reputable websites like AngiesList.com and many up-and-coming review sites for Contractor and Consultant services will rank for an individuals name rather than just their business. This can prove to be embarrassing and costly in the victims personal life as well.

Personal / Family

Unfortunately Cyber Bullies, angry ex’s, political interests and other end-users launch personal attacks against individuals for various reasons. In most cases we have been successful in getting these results removed. We also assist in getting outdated, inaccurate or slanderous content expunged from search results. 

Essentially what Review Pool does is to put some of the control back in the hands of the victims of review abuse

Our Working Process

Client Consultation

Our expert team will address your concerns and scour the web for any other issues.

Negotiation & Strategy

We have relationships that allow direct communication with the poster, but this is only the first step and the most preferred. If this fails then we plan a strategy based on your needs and effect it.


After launch you receive regular progress reports and communications that allow you to be involved in the process, or leave it 100% up to our expert team.

Global Monitoring

We have one of the best bespoke and one-of-a-kind method that notifies us when a potential issue arises. We then contact you and we decide on next steps. This is peace of mind.


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  • We are a hotel chain and with 100’s of locations. A very distasteful review from a customer that had to be escorted out due to intoxication had started a hate campaign. A search for our company showed this blog comment at #2 on Google. Within 45 days Review Pool had it removed.

    Top 10 Hotel Chain Director of PR
  • We knew we had a competitor that was clearly in another country and was paying people to leave bad reviews. It was very easy to see the pattern. After trying unsuccessfully to contact the review website to address this issue FOR 3 MONTHS, we heard of Review Pools and they happened to have a contact at the review site and our problem was immediately resolved. We highly recommend their service.

    Fortune 500 Entrepreneur
  • People hate to lose, especially if they think they are predestined to. Online casinos regularly get hate posts all over various websites and we had a whole PR team that we were able to resource in other areas when RP took over. They cut our cost by 60% and changed our online presence to a neutral-to-positive position depending on the source. We know the work it took when we did it so we are not sure how they do what they do so effectively.

    Top UK Casino MD
  • Dating sites inherently have duplicate member issues. People generally sign up for more than one. When we identified a lengthy thread making accusations of dishonest intentions over something completely out of our control and almost impossible to police. We approached Review Pools to see what could be done. It took over 6 months to resolve but in the end our conversions increased 20%. Great Job.

    Top 10 Online Dating Site

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